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I am not a physician, just a 64 year woman with chronic pain. Everyday I pray for a non-narcotic drug to be manufactured for folks like me. Dear God is there any alternative? Has anyone got a suggestion? Is there anyway we can put pressure on them to come up with non-narcotic drugs for people with genuine cronic pain? It is the small every day things that would mean the world to us. How do you feel? I was very familiar with it because my dad used to take it and shamefully enough…i used to steal them from him.

That was just the beginning of my addiction…little did I know it would get way out of hand! I started by taking two or three and until two days ago…I was taking at a time! Same effects as herion believe it or not…nodding out and much more!

I have since quit taking ALL pain meds as I was tired of having siezures from the abuse! I have two days clean…however…beieve it or not…its truly the worst thing i have gone through! It is a wonderful drug if not abused…in one year I have made my life a complete mess over Tramadol and others …if you are prescribed this drug…be very careful and never take more than two at a time because I promise you WILL have a seizure!

I have two days off the pain meds however my doctor had to prescribe some detox meds to help ease my detox…and let me tell you…I am very sick! I havent slept in three days and I feel like I have a bad flu bug! But my whole point is people make bad decisions in their life and that doesnt make them stupid…I am a very educated young woman…even went to medical school…Im okay if other people want to judge me…but deep down I know I am simply fixing a mistake I chose to make a year ago ellen bowland 2: Would you be willing to talk more with me, privately?

Please reply to my comment and I can give you my e-mail address. When I hear other people abusing it, and now in the last few months see how some doctors are increasingly paranoid to treat legitimate pain, I understand why I am being treated like a criminal by my doctors.

After over ten urine tests I would hope that one day my Doctors will stop treating me like a drug addict and treat me as a responsible patient with real pain. My MRI shows crushed discs, my pain is real, and I do not take more than prescribed ever. This medication helps with my pain period, yet refills are always more than an act of congress because the doctors are super afraid, and instead of being a patient they are beginning to treat patients like dangerous criminals and our punishment is with holding pain medications.

Personally I have taken myself off Tramadol a few times easily, once it was difficult for me, but I am in control and this is why I will not accept anything stronger. I see people taking much stronger forms of pain medications and that means they may never stop being addicted or needing them, me I can stop my medications at will, although not comfortable, and my pain comes back.

Then I am forced to resume pain management and take tramadol. This is upsetting that I read about people who take more than they are prescribed, you make legit patients suffer and pay the consequences. My pain is real, so why all the paranoia? One doctor told me that there is a risk that a person could take an excessive amount and poison themselves and die.

So if you took your entire bottle I guess, but I do not take more than two in four to 6 hour period and I even take less the majority of the time. So now that there is a risk of someone killing self with blood pressure medicine, why not stop refills on it too? Because the issue is not about the threat of danger or suicide, the truth is that Doctors are being pressured to treat every patient as a criminal drug addicted evil person, despite the fact that MRI results and other means show real severe pain and that the patients do not abuse the prescription nor consider the medication as a drug for recreational use.

Having real pain is not fun, and when you have real pain the medication works to block that pain, and is not used to produce a euphoria state. When you are in real pain, tramadol does not make you feel good, it only prevents you from suffering. But you people who have no pain and get tramadol and then abuse it and overdose on it, and then go to rehabs and emergency rooms with tramadol in your systems, are really making things difficult for all of us legitimate patients.

I do not abuse drugs and I am not a drug addict, I have real pain, and so far tramadol has helped block some of that pain along with ibuprofen.

That is all I know about it, and to think someday it will be illegal for a doctor to treat legitimate pain means, that it might hurt to much to walk when I throw my back out, and shop or attend school or other important daily activities.

Thanks alot for screwing things up for all of us you dope heads. However, indeed those other strong ass opioides, will make you feel good rather than releive pain if you abuse them.

So personally, Tramadol is just effective as advil or better. A severe csr accident left me with alot of new hardware throughout my right leg, foot, and ankle. The worst was a degloving injury to my right foot. A degloveing injury is when all the soft tissue is mashed and sepirated from the bones.

Tendons and ligaments are basicly destroyed with the nerves being severly dammaged bringing the onset of severe neuropathy. I normally take a 10mg. Soma twice a day for muscle cramps, and lyrica mg. I did however take an extra muscle relaxer..

It was probibly an hour later I began to feel nausous and soooo tired.. I came to in the hospital. The tox screen came back negative for everything except the meds I take. Folks take this seariously. Furthermore to the folks talking about being treeted like a dope head criminals; immagine being 22 and having to plead your case… Even with medical transcripts in a folder about two feet thick.

Folks, hang in there and keep reserching and reading, shareing yourthoughts everywhere you can. Who knows, a physician somewhere might read your comments and it change his perception on how he sees people who suffer from chronic pain. We need to stick together and stand our ground until we are nolonger treeted like criminals or drug addicts and given the respect we deserve. If anyone wishes to respond feel free to email me at mlmindwalker hotmail. I take lyrica and tramadol both. Lyrica is an outstanding drug for aiding in the relief of chronic pain.

But it is better to be sick then it is to deal with the pain. I was using Ibuprofen for back and knee pain but only took it once or twice a month. I have seen narcotics ruin peoples lives and I refuse to become like them. I can deal with the pain for the most part since I have a high pain tolerence.

I think anything that has any narcotics in it should be labeled as such. That is why I refuse to goto any pain clinics. Guess I need to call him and ask why he gave it to me after I stated I did not want it. But I need something more with the cooler and wet weather causing my joints to hurt more. Just be sure that you understand that Tramadol is not a LEGAL narcotic, although by medical definition as a pain reliever, Tramadol is a narcotic.

I had enough of that narcotic crap.. I got hooked and went through hell getting off of them.. Just like ciggs but way worse.. I had pain everywhere.. Then I switched to tramadol and it actually works taking to account my tolerance.. I had different dosages prescribed, Id recommend it over the tough stuff and I would consider it a narcotic although less habit forming therefore should remain easily accessible for all..

I been on vicodin, lortab, and oxycodone and those work way better than tramadol. I ate a pill or eatable with no withdrawals what so ever. The one characteristic present during any addiction is mental craving, or obsession. I have never had any of the side effects talked about here.

Could that be brcause I take it as my Doctor directs? I have missed doses sometimes two or three in a row and the only effect I feel is the flair up of arthritis pain in both wrists and my back. Thanks for sharing more about your positive experience using tramadol. Try to get off of it and see what it does. Because, by then you will be tolerent to that and all other normal doses of narcotis. Getting off Tramadol is the most horrific thing that has happened in my life.

So you are off to fend for yourself as your world falls apart. I dare you to try. This HAS to be a narcotic. It was prescribed by my VA doctor to treat a sciatic nerve problem I have. Possibly because I had a big dinner.

But when it did kick in, holy smokes! I woke up and my head was totally spaced out. The pain I went to bed with was gone, but it was definitely a powerful drugged feeling.

This is definitely something I will take for extreme, emergency pain situations only. Two 50mg pills each dose once in the evening each day. When I first started taking it, it was pretty effective against my sciatic nerve pain in my leg.

Thanks for sharing more about how tramadol affects your body and mind. Some people are just hard wired scientists postulate to be more prone to enjoying psychoactive effects than others. The night waking and the panic does not sound appealing! I have discovered that the drug is more effective when take on an empty stomach or after a light meal soup and sandwich. I still only take it before bedtime. No way I would take this during the day. It is still effective for my sciatic nerve pain and also seems to work for arthritis pain.

Gray and Faith who posted above. I have no problems going off Tramadol and only take it when needed for pain. That is maybe times a week. The insomia I was going through when I initially started taking it has disappeared. The only negative effect I have with it is occasional constipation. And now that my body has adjusted to it that has been greatly reduced. BTW…I am 63 years old. My pain tolerance is pretty high, but the sciatic nerve pain is more than I can take without help.

I am 66 and arthritic. First at every 4 hours. I waited too long to get the hip replaced, because I try to let my body heal all ills, but I was down to bone on bone, and I had episodes that left me crying the pain got so bad, and I am not a cryer. I finally got my hip replace, and continued the use Hydrocodone after the replacement for the pain after the surgery. That was in May.

I am now healed, but have continued use of the hydro since May but at two pills a day. I went to one pill a day, breaking them in half for a couple of week now, now I am down to one half just at bedtime. I called my Dr. He said that I should stop taking an opiate, even though I never abused the use of the drug, and only increased use in a weather change, which can really lay me low.

Bottom line is that after reading the posts here, and going through the anxiety of weaning myself off the Hydro, I think I am going to try something Natural Like Kratom Leaf extract, because they say its not addicting. I think that the answer, for those of you that can tolerate it, is to get some exercise, even if its just a little bit.

That helps a lot, when I can do it. Opioid use is clearly out of control, like everything else in the US. JimA to Mike 4: I had sciatica, and it was totally related to my hip. Hip replaced, sciatica gone. Sciatic pain has almost completely disappeared. I get VA coverage and they verified it was nerve problems in my back. That has subsided, but I still have a weird feeling in my thumb. All through that pain Tramadol has been an excellent pain reducer.

At least 4 or 5 50 ml. In NY it is still not a narcotic so the doctor can call them in to the drug store. It also helps if you cannot get vicodin or percocets because the doctor will not give them to you or you have depleted your savings account and cannot afford to get them in the streets. I must warn you that the withdrawl is just as bad or worse. It works well for the pain and also as an anti depressant which was a surprising unintended benifit.

I was prescribed different anti depressants before including imiprimine trazadone many others that did nothing lexapro. Tramadol not only works for pain but also is an excellent antidepressant. My doc hated to prescribe scheduled meds. And I like my doc.

If it was scheduled I would be forced to find other methods to obtain my medications so I can function. Codeine is availabile without prescription in some countries. Why the need to control ever hing in US? Also no details on the changes you say you have had.

Are you taking them for pain? Have you tried cutting back on the doseage? It worked for awhile and then he bumped me up to mg. I have tried vicodin and percocets in the past however Tramadol works well without the narcotic feeling. It takes about two hours before you will notice anything.

Charles Dotter, a radiologist, who felt it could help prevent amputations and other problems in the legs. There are three specialties that perform interventions on peripheral arteries: We would suggest getting a second opinion from a specialist other than the one you've talked to. If both agree, then you can at least be confident this is the correct way to go. She was recently told that all of the arteries below the knee of the left leg are now occluded, however the arteries can't be stented or ballooned.

Furthermore, she was told that she does not have any veins to graft. Therefore she is facing eminent amputation of the lower left leg. Or should we seek a second opinion? It is impossible to say why, long-distance, but it's called restenosis. Plavix keeps the blood from clotting in the stent, but it doesn't really prevent restenosis, which is a diifferent process entirely it's tissue growth. There are now drug-eluting stents avaiilable for the leg arteries; they have less restenosis.

What kind did you get? Now it is blocked again. The doc says it keeps blocking above the stent. I am on Plavix. Stents are not of much use way down below the knee because the vessels are so small, which is why angioplasty balloons are usually used there. There have been some experimental drug-eluting balloons that have shown promise in the legs. What specialists have you seen? Interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons all work in this area yes, it's confusing and it may be worth a consult or second opinion with someone in a different specialty.

Now I have two swollen legs that are hard to the touch and it looks like the original wound id re-infecting. Any other fixes for dead veins? Even Prince Philip of England was back in public less than a week after his coronary stent, and he is 90 years old! As for your particular situation, your cardiologist or vascular surgeon -- whoever is performing the angioplasty on your leg is the best person to advise you on when it is safe to return to work, assuming that work involves physical activity.

If procedure is complicated free, can I return to work after a week? Job requires bending, lifting and on my feet a great deal. Two years ago he had surgery in his head because he had an 7. My dad looks fine and walks fine and his legs look perfectly fine. What are the risk? What do you recommend? My mom wants to fly out to the Dominican Republic before the holidays and while they are there she wants to take him to the doctors for a second opinion but I'm not sure if that's a good idea.

I also want to add that two months ago he had 5 stents placed in his hearts. The only thing the tech would say was that everything looked pretty good except, at the final readings the right pressure was at 25 and the left at Does this indicate a possible blockage on the left side, the side which is giving me trouble? I have calf pain after walking an incline after about 4 minutes, and difficulty sleeping because my leg feels "full".

Thanks for any help! It feels like my thigh muscle is being pulled up through my groin. I have to stop what I am doing and it hurts a lot. My primary told me to give it another couple of months Whether or not it can be "fixed" is impossible to say long distance.

So I was completely knock out for 3 days, but to make a long story short,I 6 months later I after many phone calls I found a Dr. When I came out of the surgery my foot had drop foot so bad one would think I had it for a year the calf of my leg was drawn up like tight as a drum the back half look like it had been burn,foot same way all over I did not let any one touch it for about a month then it started peeling thick hard skin,the only pain killer they had me on was perc.

On test she found when they put replacement in it pushed on one of my main artery cut off blood flow to my foot,now my foot is dead, I am 57 have grandkids who are are in grade school I had just Begun with them. I what to know can my artery can be fixed? Same oncologist performed angioplasty and two stents in left leg a year ago without any complications except bruising and hematoma at incision sitestill get cramping in left calf when walking Does it sound like a blood clot in newly operated right leg?

A blockage in the leg arteries is in fact a different manifestation of the same disease that caused blockages in the heart. Have your father's legs been imaged angiogram, etc. His gastric distress is a known side-effect of almost all antiplatelets blood-thinners -- has this gone away with the prasugrel? As for travel, this is a question for his doctor.

In , again he was diagnosed with clots in his heart and some swelling in his legs- He had a successful angioplasty. Now in , he had some severe gastritis and his doctor changed medicines from Clavix Plavix in the US to Prax I think its generic name is prasugrel and Stiloz cilostazol. He also complains of pain when walking and burning in his legs.

That has been diagnosed as neuropathy. How is that different from PAD? Can that be controlled by medication? What is the probability of another angioplasty? With all these, how long will he live? Is there anything more we can do to help his leg pain? Can he fly from India to US? Check out our topics on " Complications After Femoral Catheterization " -- You'll note that there are many patients with similar complaints: If the pain doesn't subside, she should consult the doctor who did the procedure..

Stented a total blockage in the trunk of her right leg, said left leg was ok. Insertion point is healing well, but she now has calf pain when walking in her left leg and she says that leg feels weak.

Has had a total knee replacement in the left leg, but was having no problems with that leg at all before the procedure.

She only had to lay still for one hour after the procedure, whereas it has been for hours on a heart cath she had done. Is the calf pain on the insertion leg normal and how long should it take to heal? It sounds like she had what is called a retroperitoneal bleed, where there femoral needle stick perforates the back side of the artery and blood escapes into the retroperitoneal cavity in the abdomen.

Unfortunately, this bleeding can go undetected. This is an infrequent but serious complication of femoral catheter-based procedures, turning a relatively low-risk procedure into a tragedy, as in your mother's case. That would be in the femoral artery. Also the fact that your docs had a problem with catheter access via the right femoral would indicate you may have had peripheral disease in the right peripheral system at that time. No other stenosis was found anywhere in either leg.

Due to the siting of the new Iliac stenosis my question is: Is it possible that damage could have been done at the entry site of any of the angios, that could give rise to this 4 years later? This is not related to any internal problems from the angioplasty or stent procedure itself.

But lying still and tense on a table for a length of time 6 hours! Physical therapy, stretching, possibly massage or even chiropractic might help. We'd suggest talking to your GP about a referral to an orthopedist. Surgery went well I thought until the very end, I had severe back pain for a few minutes, then subsided, I thought. I'm home and leg feels good but my back pain is awful. I cannot lay down at all to sleep and sitting is painful.

However I can stand just fine and walking is ok if I go slow as to not use back too much. Any suggestions or ideas? Nurses are convinced it was from laying in the bed and operating table for 6 hrs all together. However, I had no pain in back going in and it is not getting any better now. Please help if you can. It's called peripheral angioplasty and is performed by either an interventional radiologist, interventional cardiologist or vascular surgeon who is trained in catheter-based procedures.

Will see Doctor sometime this week. And have you discussed this with the interventional doctor who did the stents cardiologist, radiologist or vascular surgeon? Afterwards I still have the same problems as before. Tremendous pain in both legs , I can't do anything that's' physically demanding, so now what do I do??? As we mention, the FDA sent them a warning letter which, to our knowledge, has never been answered but it seems as if the FDA has never taken any enforcement action either.

Because we've tried to keep that particular ad off our site. By the way -- and this to all readers -- if you're looking for information, try "searching" Angioplasty. Use the "search" button on the top right-hand or on the left-hand navigation menus. Our site has over 1, pages. The mfr claims that it cleans out the calcium in the arteries and is fast acting so angioplasty can be avoided. It's possible that a blockage has developed. And May in the UK, if it's possible to get some pain medication, obviously that would help.

It's hard to say, but it sounds like the issue has progressed. She had Femoral artery atherectomy with balloon angioplasty in right leg 6 days ago. Post procedure she had very high Over myoglobin levels in urine. Urine has now cleared. Is swelling and bruising normal in foot area? Should she walk to stimulate circulation in foot or elevate and stay off it? Plavix is prescribed for several reasons: Whether you should be taking it for other reasons is really your doctor's call. Once they found a clot in the main vein close to my stomach.

The next time, they just cleaned out the plaque in my leg no stents needed. They put me on plavix for 5 months. I am now not taking anything except an aspirin Should I still be taking plavix? Try not to freak out too much, anxiety makes pain worse.

Many here would love to be supportive and help you. Once you get thru this surgey, consider a medication called suboxone and some addiction therapy. If you will go to YouTube. It can be a life saver. There is another guy on YouTube named Maple and he explains really well why someone should use subs. You are not alone or evil at all, I promise. Watch those vids and get the surgery over with before considering suboxone.

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